Clearly I am excellent at updating this blog, however, I did want to share my thoughts on the Whole Life Challenge. I did the challenge RX and overall it taught me a lot about what works and doesn’t work for me within the construct of the Paleo diet.

At first, I was craving dairy like nothing else in this world. But after a few weeks, that want subsided and eventually gave way to more delicious dairy alternatives like coconut milk (Trader Joe’s Light Coconut Milk fit within the WLC food limits). The rest of the stuff was fairly easy to give up, mostly because it was out of my diet already. Honey, other Paleo sweeteners, none of those were issues just because I rarely ate those before, but the Larabars. Those took me a while to give up and now that they’re gone, I honestly don’t miss them at all. I can only imagine what I could have done if I had given them up sooner in the challenge.

The exercise portion and the mobility portion were a piece of cake for me. If I couldn’t make it to the box, I would take Gimli for extra long walks and do a mini WOD at home consisting of push ups, sit ups, and squats. The mobility portion was easy because it just felt so damn good to do and since I grabbed a foam roller and a lacrosse ball, mobilizing at home was no problem.

The lifestyle challenges posed an interesting challenge, but nothing I wasn’t up for. The most difficult one was the half your body weight in water, but now that has simply become a part of my daily routine.

So here are my before and after measurements:


Over the course of the challenge I went from a starting weight of 167.6 lbs to 157.6 lbs. which is a pretty drastic difference for me. I had been struggling to get below 160 for over a year and this challenge finally jump started my plateau and got me there.

This challenge has been fun and exactly what it should be– a challenge. Though, I would not do this formally again. It was worth it this time and the results speak for themselves, but between the pretty awful  customer service and the glitches on the website, it wouldn’t be worth it again for me.

I’m proud of my improvements and the improvements my friends have made through this challenge. I will take to heart many of the changes that I made during these last 8 weeks and keep them with me as I move forward in my fitness journey.

Though I went a little crazy this weekend with my food choices, I’m back on the bandwagon now. Lessons learned the hard way are always the ones that stick the best, right? Even my fiance was like, honey, you need to get back on track– he’s a good man really. He mostly wants me to get back on track because of the horrible pain I’m in and the guilt I feel when I’m not. But I gotta say, the felafel, booze, and Reese’s PB cup and cookie sandwich…worth it. Though, not gonna be worth it again for a long while.

Anywho, here are my before and after shots and I honestly didn’t think I’d see a difference, but holy cow! Yes you can! Sorry the after ones are so dark– fiance was asleep and I didn’t want to wake him. Anywho, I still can’t believe the difference! Proof that if you stick with something for even 8 weeks it can make a huge difference to your body and your mind. I feel better, I’m performing better, and in general, I’m feeling like a better person. Keep on keeping on my friends!





Welp, last night I did not end up going to CrossFit. I had a bad day at work and when I got home my dog just was super sweet and wanted to be outside so I took him for a run. Poor little pup lasted maybe about .6 miles then I took him home and finished my 2 mile run. Overall it took me about 21 minutes because Gimli kept stopping to sniff and play, but he’s a good running buddy. Seeing his floppy ears blow around while we ran made my day a little better.

Also, I just couldn’t get it up for deadlifts. They’re not my favorite and after a miserable day, I just couldn’t get behind it. So tonight. Oh boy. Tonight. Tonight is:

OpenWOD 11.4
60 Bar-facing burpees
30 Overhead squats (120 / 90#)
10 Muscle-ups

Last time we did this WOD was about a month after I started at my box and my score was 107 [42#, BR]. BR stands for Body Rows and that took me and my friends WAY too long to figure out. I’m not really sure where I expect the number I complete to be this time at all. I clearly am a lot stronger than I was back then because my 1RM OHS is 130–probably a bit more now that that was months ago. This is definitely one of those, ask the coach how to load up the bar kind of WODs. The burpees will be fine because I’m a weirdo and love burpees. At the very least I imagine I’ll get through the burpees and at least half of the OHS.

Food-wise, I’m doing alright. Cravings are going down which is fantastic. I also keep telling myself it’s not for that long (which it really isn’t) but it just feels like that long. Thankfully most people around me are supporting me which is wonderful. Last night our friend came over and brought us WLC Challenge approved chili which was wonderful. I love spicy food and he makes the chili with ghost peppers and damn. It’s wonderful. I’m just so happy he was able to make it according to the rules. A small victory for me. Only 52 days left, right?


Well, the Whole Life Challenge is off and running! We started Saturday and boy, was I woefully unprepared for it. Mostly because I binged on Friday night and ate/drank everything pumpkin in sight. I had the beautiful Flying Dog The Fear– which is 9% alcohol. Delicious, but deadly. I may have gotten a little drunk and I regretted it so much Saturday morning. Our box’s WOD for the preliminary workout was:

10 Clean and Jerks 135/95
10 Push Ups
10 Box Jumps 24″/20″

I went Rx because I know I could do the weight and it was definitely a good challenge. I ended up with 92 reps which I feel isn’t too bad, but I definitely want to do better next time (especially when I won’t be nursing a baby hangover). Oy. Next time I’m looking to go for 5 rounds instead of 3+2.

My starting measurements (since they do it by inches and not by weight):

Waist: 35.5″
Hips: 41.88″
WOD Score: 92

I’ll post my before and after shots at the end.

Overall the challenge has been moving along nicely. I’m very prepared and ready for it. I made all my lunches for this week so far which are delicious and I’m really excited for them. Pork and sauerkraut and chicken with peppers, onions, and tomatoes. Yummy. There are been two difficulties so far for me. The first is definitely the no dairy. I drink at least one glass of a milk a day. Cheese, yogurt, I don’t really eat those things so that part hasn’t been difficult. But my cravings for a tall glass of ice cold milk, that’s been killing me. Also I suppose that I haven’t been able to have my protein shakes is bad, but I don’t really miss them all too much.

The second difficulty has been the drinking extra water. A part of the challenge has been drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water. For me, that’s about 82oz. a day. Which, normally I probably drink somewhere between 40-45oz. a day so right now I’m doubling my normal intake. It’s been interesting, but I feel better which is good. I’m not sure if it’s from detoxing from my regular haphazard paleo diet to a really REALLY strict one or the water drinking or both. Either way, day 3 in and I’m feeling great. Yesterday I definitely went through some nausea and light headedness, probably due to my lack of eating and cutting out any kind of sugar entirely, but I’m hanging in there.

Tonight’s WOD is 7-7-7-7-7 deadlifts. For those playing at home deadlifts are my enemy and I’m not entirely looking forward to it. Most recently I did a 150# 1RM deadlift, but it was mostly technique work because my form gets sloppy much higher than that. We did 5-5-5-5-5 deadlifts and I did 165# there. We’ll see what happens tonight. Mostly when we do deadlifts I aim to get my form better and better jumping the weight up only a little. Deadlifts are how I injured my back originally so I take them slowly and carefully now.

A new day, a new struggle!74d9a69d1916a4c17219e2bce10c9ba2

Well, I’m sure it was inevitable, but it happened. I should know better and I damn well had an extra pair of grips in my bag, but I didn’t use them. Though yesterday, on 60 Toes-to-Bar, I managed to rip both of my hands. It hurts, but it’s not that bad– at least I take care of them enough so that they don’t bleed. That’s good right? Between shaving them down and using a pumice stone I’ve managed to keep from any crazy rips. Please God, don’t let there be pull-ups for the next week.

A friend of mine Sara, she’s at CrossFit Games or Bust, made a really good point to me after I was nursing my freshly torn hands. She said she noticed when her form starts to go, that’s when she can feel her hands start to give out. I can’t say she isn’t right, because she totally is! I hope others have noticed it to because I know I’ve noticed it, but I never paid attention to it until she pointed it out yesterday. She is right, what I should have done was switched to Knees-to-Elbows to finish out the WOD. My own hubris got the best of me and tore my hands right up. Next time though…next time I will hopefully know better…though, I think I say that every time I tear.

Take care of your hands folks!


I am clearly very VERY bad about keeping up with this thing. Even though my job leaves something to be desired and most of my day is spent avoiding the 30 minutes of work I do have, I just don’t have it in me to update this on a slightly regular basis.

Anywho. Here is what is going on in my life.

1) My fitness levels have gone through the roof. I have never felt better and I am very pleased with my performances. I’m tired as fuck all the time, but it’s because I’ve been working hard to strengthen my entire body. I take more naps than a small child and I enjoy the fuck out of each and every one of them.

2) I’m doing the Whole Life Challenge ( starting on Saturday. I’m doing the Rx option and honestly, I’m really excited about it. The hardest parts will be no dairy and no popcorn. I drink at least 1 glass of milk a day, so going 2 months without it will be trying to say the least. Also, popcorn is my Achilles heel. It’s my go to cheat snack and damn, not having it for 2 months will make my first bowl of it in November worth it.

I’m doing it for many reasons, but some of them are I haven’t been so great with my diet choices since the end of July and I really want to get myself back on track (and for total vanity reasons, I just bought this kick ass skirt and it is just slightly, by like 1/2 inch too small and I want to wear it so bad). I know that I feel better when I make better food choices and I’ve been feeling really lousy about the month so time to kick start my motivation again!

3) September/October will be crazy for me. Not only am I doing the WLC, but I am participating in the GO RUCK NASTY, my first 10K, and the Civilian Military Combine. Also, quite possibly, my first CrossFit competition ever too, but I’m on the wait-list so we’ll see if it happens. That’s 4 weekends in a row of total insanity. Why do I sign up for these things? Because I love and hate myself at the same time.

That’s about it for right now. I just got back to the East Coast from Michigan, which, I have to say, I didn’t hate. I’m usually super antsy when I get too far from a coast line, but all in all, I loved MI! I wish I would have brought my passport though so we could have gone to Canada which is my only regret of the time spent there. However, I would totally live in Ann Arbor. I will have to admit that almost everyone I know who said I would love it there was right. Damn…

Here is my new goal. I want to post at least once a week during the WLC about what I ate, how I did, and what’s going on with my fitness plan/diet/mindset. We’ll see how it goes.


It’s been a rough weekend and the only saving grace has been the Games. They were incredible to watch this year. This is the 3rd Games I have really paid any attention to and damn. They are getting more intense and crazy. Each year I feel like my far off goal of making it one day just slips further and further into the future. Here I come grand masters! I’ll be at the Games when I’m 80 and awesome.

Anywho. It’s been a rough week for WODs for me. This week was a lot of pull ups and for some reason, my hands just were not having it. I’ve been trying to take good care of them but they have just been on fire. Quite literally burning whenever I grab the bar. I really need to look into it more. I think I may be shaving them down too much and I think I need to focus more on using the pumice stone and less on the shaver. Experimenting will be clutch here to see what is going to help. Back to the point.

This week was a ton of pull ups or muscle ups (which I don’t have so pull ups and dips it is for me) and my shoulders have been crying. They’re happy that they’re crying, but they’re still dead. Like Saturday. I’ve been working on doing heavier thrusters since the RX load seems to be going up and up. A while ago I did the RX of 95# thrusters, but due to the dead nature of my shoulders I only did 72# in the WOD this Saturday. My time for the WOD was less than ideal, but it’s really because I need to work on my pull ups. Even after this week I have really learned they are the weak link in the chain. They slow me down on every single WOD I do no matter how few or many there are. I need to get back to practicing them after each WOD and perhaps that will help me get back on track because I was doing so well with them for a while.

So to kind of show you what I mean…Saturday’s WOD:

400m run
21 C2B Pull Ups
9 Thrusters

Run: so each run I looked at the clock when I left/got back in and each time it took me a little less than 2 minutes.
Thrusters: each round of thrusters at 72# (which granted now I feel I could have gone heavier, but that’s besides the point) took me about 1:10.

Totaling this up: The running plus the thrusters took me approximately 9:30 to finish. My finishing time? 19:32. It took me about 10 minutes to get 63 pull ups…and that was with a band higher than I normally use. Oy. For me personally it’s just unacceptable. Like I said, I really do feel like I was burnt out by Saturday, but regardless, less excuses and more practicing.

Today is a new day and it’s starting a new week so I’m excited. Today’s WOD really excites me and it’s a good change of pace I think.

4 Set of Max Rep – Touch And Go
Descending Squat Clean Ladder:

Women: 155 – 145 – 125 – 95

Now, the most I have ever cleaned is 140 and trust me, it wasn’t pretty. So I think I may be trying multiple sets at 125 and 95. Because a few weeks ago we did touch-and-go squat cleans I got to 120, but was seriously burnt out by the time I did get there from doing so many before. But who knows? Maybe I’ll give 145 a shot just to see if I could do it. But I think 125 and 95 will be my safe bets for today since I know I can do those weights with relatively good form. Then I might go for a quick run when I get back from the box because this Saturday a few friends and I are doing the Running Dirty Race in Frederick which will be a ton of fun.



So I have been absolutely terrible at making sure this blog gets updated. Like, horrible and to the few of you out there in any case you care what I have to say, I apologize. Though yesterday after talking to a friend about how bored and unchallenged I am at my job, she said, “well then you should be updating your blog every damn day.” And dammit. She’s right. I’m going to work harder at this…at least on the weekdays😉.

This week has been rather difficult CrossFit wise. Not that the WODs have been hard, it’s just focused on a lot of areas I tend to ignore. Like pull-ups, push-ups, and dips. Though, on Monday instead of gaining many rounds I went for the strict push-up route and my shoulders were crying and yet so happy. I did 80 strict push-ups and I have never felt better. Who knew I could do that many? I also feel like I’ve been babying myself push-up wise, but it felt good to know that I now have the strength do that many. Albeit, not in a row and probably no more than 5 at a time in beginning, but still, 80 strict push-ups?! That’s a lot. Now I just have to keep that mind set and keep doing strict push-ups to get better at them.

But last night was a hip check back into reality. The WOD was Ryan, but of course I don’t have muscle ups so it was more pull-ups and dips and after doing about 100 pull-ups and over 100 push-ups on Monday, I was not looking forward to it. Burpees are fine, but since my arms were smoked already and tired from the pull-ups and dips, my body just didn’t want any of this nonsense so it was difficult. I wanted just say fuck it and stop, but you just have to push through some of those WODs and that is exactly what happened. I pushed through it. Not too pleased with the time, but what can you do? I’ll just hopefully be excited and feeling this WOD next time it comes around.

Tonight however, will be a lot of fun and I am looking forward to it.
For Time:

500m Row
100 Double Unders
50 Wallball
10 PowerClean (185 / 125#)

All of this is now doable for me and I think I might try to RX the power cleans simply because I know I can do that weight and it’s only 10 and a single round of it. However, we’ll see how I feel after all those wall balls…